Made on Sutton Avenue in Maplewood, Missouri

locally, Family Owned

Owner John Schaffer and Harry

  • Springs from Carthage, Missouri
  • Foam Cut in Brentwood, Missouri
  • Wood from The Missouri Ozarks

Home Visits to Measure and Install
Within 20 Miles of Maplewood

Mattresses and Padding
for Your RV and Boat


Maplewood Mattress is located on Sutton Avenue in Maplewood, Missouri.

Our showroom is inside the front door.

All mattresses and bedding are made in the factory in back.

Maplewood Mattress is owned by John Schaffer. John is there every day with his crew. John
owns the building and the equipment with no mortgage and no debt.

All materials are as local as possible.

  • Our springs come from Carthage, Missouri.
  • Our foam is cut in Brentwood, Missouri.
  • Our wood comes straight from the Missouri Ozarks.

We will come to your home to measure and install within 20 miles of Maplewood.

We offer competitive pricing.